mardi 9 décembre 2014

Bonneville Salt Flats Experience

Si vous voulez savoir pourquoi ont ne pense qu'a y retourner !!!  42mn de prises de vue sur le lac , devant le casino  bref la Speedweek  sans fioritures !  vivement le mois d'aout

Honda S600 Monster - 2JZ turbo powered!

Video volée a    encore du drag australien qui sort des sentiers battus , le sang neuf du drag vient du pays des kangourou  !! et c'est tant mieux   .........

samedi 6 décembre 2014

M20 Pobeda Bonneville project

Bien evidemment ce n'est qu'un projet de designer , mais quel look  !!! imaginez une 203 avec un traitement pareil  et une bande de potes motivés  !!!! ou un club d'ancienne qui se lancerai dans un projet comme ca !!!  rien d'impossible et autrement intéressant que de restaurer une 403 ou autre soi-disant "collector" pour aller parader a l'expo local du dimanche matin ! non ?

le texte de l'article sur

the same graphic designer named Mikhail Smolyanov, who made that awesome-looking steam-powered land yacht we showed you yesterday, we bring you yet another really cool 3D car art project. This time around, it's firmly anchored in the reality of not one but two great cultures, the American land speed record scene and old cars made by the Soviet Union. The project was started more than a year ago as a collaboration with Sergey Sadovnik, who owns a really cool chop shop in Ukraine. The idea was to create something that's just like all the 50s American cars that have been chopped and modified to set records at Bonneville Salt Lake, only with a Soviet twist.

The body of this unique red and silver racer was designed to be associated with the famous GAZ M20 Pobeda, a passenger car produced by the USSR at Gorky between 1949 and 1958. It's sort of like their Chevy Bel Air.

The name of the car means "victory" and was given because the first test of the Pobeda was carried out in 1943, right as the Soviets were turning the tide of World War II against the Nazis. Ironically, the inspiration came from a German car, the 1938 Opel Kapitan.

As for the salt racer, it has a sexy 3-body design with a chopped roof, a vertical fin for stability and fully enclosed wheels. It was actually supposed to be built, Smolyanov says, and local television and internet media gave it a lot of attention in 2013.

"In the autumn of 2013 car design was completed in two versions, Sergey worked with the construction, but policy intervened in this project and now it is likely to have to forget about it," the designer added.

vendredi 5 décembre 2014

Hot Rod Tractor

Voila ce qui arrive quand un agriculteur se prend pour un hot rodder  !!!! avouez que c'est quand méme assez reussi !   ........... tous des malades !!!!!


dimanche 30 novembre 2014